Films by Sybil Barrett

Girl Power Entertainment

Black Kids White Mama

Love is color blind. People are not. This is the story of what happens when cultures collide.

Genre: Comedy

Audience: for all - PG rated

Run Time: 1:35 hours.

Synopsis: Lily White, the main character marries Aiden LaFree a black medical doctor, and they have 3 kids. All is well with the happy couple, until one day when Aiden decides he wants to divorce Lily to prove to the world that he is a "real brother". Shenanigans ensure while Lily deals with the burden of saving her family from foreclosure as she navigates everyone's opinion on how she should be raising her black kids. The film takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster. The comedic spin on cultural stereotypes provides a safe zone to start a conversation about some of the serious topics we are facing in the United States around race.

Written, Directed and Produced by Sybil Barrett


  • Plan B (Production 2021)
  • Truth vs Ethics (production 2021)
  • The Privileged (production 2022)
  • The Outsiders (in development)

  • 3 Worlds in 1 (in development)
  • Lady Fingers (in development)
  • Rebellion (in development)
  • Black Kids White Mama 2 (in development)