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Girl Power Entertainment
Girl Power Entertainment

Girl Power Production 501(c)(3)

Girl Power Productions is a community based non-profit organization that focuses on educating girls between the ages of 7-17 in film, television, and music production. Women are under represented on the production side of the entertainment industry. Girl Power Productions’ mission is to increase the number of women behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, by serving as a feeder organization to highly competitive college level film and music production programs. 

Girl Power Productions serves the community by providing a pool of professional people that work in the entertainment industry as mentors and instructors to young women who express a desire to learn the steps to produce a film, television show, or song. Through educational hands on workshops girls are introduced to the sound stage, video recording equipment, editing software, and the audio recording studio. Girls learn the fundamentals of the entertainment industry through topics that focus on the building blocks of filming and recording. Workshops consist of lectures with in-class demonstrations. The information presented during the workshops provides the girls with an understanding of the entertainment industry and its relationship to actors, musicians, directors and producers.

A Seat at the Table

Chairwoman of the BoardSybil Barrett
Vice ChairwomanAmaal Scroggins
Chair, Community RelationsKim Sutton
Chair, Brand StewardshipAvonda Tony
Treasurer and Grants AdministratorBrenda Barrett
Secretaryopen position
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